What is the Sino-Dutch Living Lab on E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management?

The living lab consists of a set of mutual agreemenst between Universities of Applied Science in The Netherlands and Institutions for Research and Higher Education in Shanghai and Chinqing. These allow for close co-operation between companies, universities and other research institutions and governments in order to facilitate trade between China and Europe vice versa.

The living lab is a ‘Lab’ because its focus is on development and testing of new knowledge, on connecting theory and practice and on prividing an environment for experiments. The Lab is ‘living’ since its agenda is easily adaptable to priorities that partners may have and to new research-topics that may arise.

Joint research-programs underpin a continuous exchange of students, teachers and professors working closely with companies to solve scientific problems that come up in everyday practice.

Main objectives of the Living Lab on ICT & Logistics:

  • To support the trade and business relations between China and The Netherlands
  • by conducting practical education, training, applied research assignments and interships
  • focussing on developing and applying solutions to improve supply chains