Living Lab: How Can It Work For You

There are many ways for how the living lab can work for you. This can be discussed on a case by case basis.
Our two basic service streams are:

Applied science

The aim of the Living Lab is to enhance international co- operation, stimulate innovation, and increase human capital.
This is done:

  • on a triple helix-basis, involving business, government and science
  • focussed on problems that arise in everyday-practice
  • We will develop joint research plans with universities, companies and governments in China and the Netherlands. If you are interested to join these efforts or to learn more, please contact us.

    Internships and graduation projects

    There are several companies involved in the Living lab. Currently there is the possibility to apply for an internship or graduation project if your are studying at one of the participating universities of applied sciences.

    Doing an internship in China will – no doubt – be a life-changing experience. Are you ready for it? Check-out our flow-chart by pushing the button.